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Need Insight or Direction?

Life Mastery Reading: $100.
The Year Ahead (General Reading:) $65.
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On Sale

Issue-In-Depth Reading: Sale: $30
Daily Mini Healing: (aura cleansing) Sale: $35

Feeling Unwell?

5 Day Healing Intensive: $150.
Comprehensive Healing: $75.
Entity, Curse of Cord Removal: $40.
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Ongoing Support

Daily Mini Healing: $20/week $35/month
Daily Energy Clearing: $20/week $35/month
Sunny Days (daily readings): $17.50/month

Sick Cat?

Healing for Your Dog or Cat (or other animal:) $30.

Moving House?

Comprehensive Environmental Clearing: $50.
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E-Books: $1.99 each
Meditation MP3s: $1. each

Free Stuff

Mini Healing (Aura Cleansing)
Mini Environmental Energy Clearing


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