Softening Our Hearts

10 Things That Can Soften Our Hearts
1. Stroking a dog, cat or loved one.

2. Wishing someone well - especially someone you don't like. Tolerance breeds tolerance.

3. Lighting a candle for a departed friend. It may bring tears - good tears.

4. Greeting a tree, or the sunrise, or yourself-in-the-mirror, with affection. Appreciation, affection and kindness are the gates to happiness.

5. Letting music or art fill us without opinion or comment. It's not about liking it or not liking it. It's about letting it tell us about itself.

6. Remembering a kindness.

7. Enjoying a delicious food. Chocolate is our friend.

8. Making lunch with a friend about him or her and not about "me". We so often use a meeting to promote our own agendas that we forget to listen.

9. Being inspired by someone's greatness.

10. Reading a silly/trashy novel or one that makes us laugh. Deep thoughts are fine, but we do need a break from them.

Softening our hearts heals us. It's a sweet state that gives us a chance to let down our guard long enough to trust ourselves and trust life.