About This Website

I'm Janet Dane. I feel better when I stand next to a tree. My work is based on this affinity to the soft whisper of spirit that moves through all things. You'll find more about me here.

I launched this website first and foremost as a place to offer my work: psychic readings, site clearing, distant healing and more.

Along with that, much of the site explores the things that matter to me. Stuff like how we can be more happy and how consciousness works, and how we can combine the two creatively: connecting with our spiritual/creative/inner selves in order to make our daily life happier.

So my website's been around for a long time, originally in Geocities and then Angelfire, then since July 1999 with my own domains: devas.org, janetdane.com and jandane.com. It's been around long enough to be reinvented now and again, for it to evolve and devolve, get a bit weird, then normalize, bloat and then go on a diet. A bit like me, I guess.

Where you can start

For insight, get a reading. I do a Sunny Day for myself each day, I do a General Reading for myself every year on my birthday and I do others when the need comes up. My readings are good. I have been asked how accurate I am, and while I don't know quite how to answer that, I can say that more than 90% of those who get a reading from me come back again for another.

For relief from pain or illness, get a daily healing. I don't know how it is scientifically possible to have distant healing help people feel better, but for some reason, it works. And don't forget your pets - they respond really well to this type of healing.

For help with your meditation practice and ideas about how to work with your intuitive self, see the how-to and meditation pages.

For inspiration check out my spirit messages.

For up to date information on what is happening, read Starry Night, my monthly newsletter.


I have a LOT of free stuff on the site here but since I have to buy groceries too, any little bit you can donate will be gratefully accepted. You may see donation buttons on many of the pages that offer free stuff. Here's a link.


No one can sign you up for an email subscription without your consent. When you sign up for my monthly Starry Night Newsletter or my weekly Meditation, you will be sent an email to confirm that you really want it.

Personal Information:
I do not provide or sell your personal information or email addresses to third parties. Ever. Any information I collect is used to fulfill orders or process requests for information. And that's all. Information you have given me in confidence remains in confidence.

Testimonials on this site are from actual correspondence.