Apple Tree

Patterns of shadow and light, slowly moving with the glide of moon across the sky. Ever changing. Ever different. The shadows reflecting different branches and leaves, different thoughts and ideas, different beliefs than the ones that had been there the night before, the light patterns adjusting in the new dance of shadow. They work in conjunction with each other. One would not be without the other. Both would not be without One. It is a beautiful dance, the movement of light and shadow. A song. An expression of love. Watch the play of light and shadow as the moon glides across the sky, behind a cloud and uncovered. See the play between the two. See the dance. Hear the song. For it’s an echo of the light and shadow that dance within your own life.

To listen to Nature is to listen to the Song of your own Soul. To observe Nature is to observe your own self – your qualities, your actvities, your thoughts and your beliefs. To experience Nature is to experience yourself. To open your heart, your thoughts and your beliefs to a conscious connection with the Natural World around you, is to move into a way of life that sings with grace, with beauty, with love and with rapture. To allow your life to flow in harmony with the Natural World around you is to release struggle and find the divinity that your existence expresses. Awaken, then, to the Song of your connection to the world around you, for it is within this World that you have the opportunity to understand who you are.