Cedar Tree

Allow yourself to notice how your energy is affected by the natural world. Notice what happens to the air around you, to the light around you in the presence of birdsong. Notice the difference in sensation as you walk in the presence of trees. Become aware of the shift in your energies with the scents of the forest — the sweet scent of poplar, the rich scent of cedar. Notice how the presence of an abundance of wild things holds you, includes you. An awareness of how the trill of a sparrow tickles your energy field, how the calmness of cedar soothes your emotions and how the trickle of a stream or the brush of a breeze move and change the contents of your energy field helps bring you into a more profound sense of your place, your origins and your destiny.

For each season, there are rhythms and movements that guide you towards further expression. Transformative seasons, like Spring and Fall encourage transformation in your own energies, a completion of old business to prepare for the new. Unconscious drives and needs take on a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction when followed. When ignored, the energy that longs to move freely can cram up. Whether you can or can not move with these harmonies depends on many factors beyond your control, but when you can, you feel the satisfaction and fulfilment that all beings feel when moving in alignment with their destiny. We are the spirit of Cedar.