Maple Tree

Even a patch of sunlight has a life of its own. It is born. It glows in all of its splendour and it dies, never staying the same from one moment to the next. All around you is as fleeting as that patch of golden light. The trees have their own seasons. The people, the soil on which you stand, the course of water nearby all have their seasons. They all shine with their unique and special light in their own way. And then, they, too, die to give birth to another expression.

Each thing or person you see around you, each event that occurs to you or is brought into your awareness, each colour, song, presence, occurrence is around you for a reason. Each is within your perception for a reason. As you open your perceptions to things of greater beauty, harmony and balance, you allow them to occur more often your life. This occurrence is a reflection of your own harmony and balance. But it is the faith that you can bring about these things that allows you to perceive them.