Your thoughts drift like clouds in the sky, lingering for only a moment for you to identify them before they change shape and move on to become something else. Your life is like your thoughts. It has taken shape for only a moment and you try to capture it before it changes and moves on. It is not entirely possible, to capture it in that moment; to identify it. For it changes even as you watch. See your thoughts, then, not as things, but as actions. See yourself not as a noun but a verb. Watch yourself and your thoughts as you watch the clouds, understanding that its nature is its activity. It is the movement of itself that defines itself. See it as pleasant or unpleasant, understanding that in the next moment it is changed.

Within each snapshot of your life lie the seeds to your awakening. Each moment holds within it, an opportunity for you to glimpse eternity and your place within it. Each breath you take brings you into a new eternity. Each breath you let out releases you from that eternity and makes way for the next. Stop, then, in the stillness of an early morning and take a mental snapshot of a moment. Do not search for anything. Do not look for clues. Just rest there in that moment and know that you are touching eternity. It will then begin to reveal itself bit by bit in odd moments through your day. Do this often and you begin to live who you are.