Asking For Blessing

All too often we ask for nice things to happen for those we love. We pray for those near and far. But we forget that we are just as deserving of a gift from heaven. In this meditation, we ask for blessing.

How to Practice
Sit or stand comfortably. Hold your arms at ease at your sides with palms faced upwards.

Ask for blessing from your divine source.

Get a sense that you are receiving blessing, pouring into you through the palms of your hands. Traditionally blessings like this can be imagined as streams of light, or as nectar, but use any image you like to get a feel for it. You could imagine you are outdoors in nature and a tree is showering you with springtime blossoms, or autumn leaves. You could imagine the blessings falling like rain or like snow or golden beams of sunshine. Whatever works for you.

Feel a great flow into your body, emotions, mind, your heart, your soul. Feel it fill into each bit and space. Just let it happen. The blessing may come as a purification, as assistance, as wealth or happiness. In whatever way it manifests, it is a gift from heaven that touches the divine spark of goodness in us.

Enjoy this flow of blessing for however long you want.