Ball of Light

This visualization is a one that has been offered in countless forms by many different traditions over the years.

How to Practice

Imagine that you have a small ball of light just above your head. Don't try to give it too much thought, just imagine a sphere of white light over your head - not really a solid shape but a flowing or moving ball of light, a little smaller than a ping pong ball.

Imagine that this ball of light is composed of all the love in the universe. It is pure. It represents the very best of all things.

Now imagine the ball of light dropping through the top of your head and moving downwards towards your heart.

At the heart level, the light expands - the ball expands to fill you up, so that you become a light-filled, luminous shape.

In the light of this loving, pure energy all problems and worries are put into perspective, and joy becomes the dominant energy. You become a body of peace.

Now worries can be dissolved in the light of your being.


After doing this meditation for some time, you may notice how it gets easier to feel/know this loving mind-body state and easier to call it up at a moment's notice. You may even discover corresponding body sensations, like a tickle at the top of your head or a warmth that fills your chest. As your body gets used to feeling good, it gets easier to feel good.