Empowering Breath

This is a riff on some of the meditations that Thich Nhat Hanh has offered in his book "The Blooming of Lotus."

How to Practice

Start by sitting quietly and watching the in and out of your breath, not changing it, just noticing it. Once you feel relaxed and easy, use empowering phrases like these to bring positive change to mind and spirit. Align the phrases with your inbreath and outbreath and repeat as many times as feels comfortable and easy.

Breathing in I am like the sun
Breathing out I feel bright.
Sun; Bright.

Breathing in I am like the ocean
Breathing out I am deep.
Ocean; Deep.

Breathing in I am like a mountain
Breathing out I feel strong.
Mountain; Strong.

Breathing in I am like the sky
Breathing out I am clear.
Sky; Clear.

Breathing in I am like the earth
Breathing out I am content.
Earth; Content.