Fire and Water

This is a variation of a Taoist meditation.

How to Practice
1. Find a quiet spot to sit and settle comfortably. Close your eyes.

2. Imagine or visualize that your lower belly is a sea or lake.

3. Imagine or visualize that your heart is a ball of fire or sun.

4. Allow the water in the lower belly to drift upwards and the fire in the heart to drift downwards.

5. They meet right at the solar plexus, and as they meet, the water immediately vaporizes into a mist.

6. This warm, steamy mist flows throughout the whole body, freely moving into every part of the body. Visualize or imagine it as clearly as you can. Feel it moving, or imagine that you can feel it. Notice the sensations that it brings to each place it touches. Go methodically through your entire body if you like.

7. Then let all the images and visualizations go.

8. Notice what changes have happened through this meditation – the things that appear or feel or seem different.

In some variations of this meditation, you watch the mist enter your bones also, where it hardens them so that each bone glows with strength and light.