The Forest at Night

This meditation can push us a bit beyond our comfort zone, but it helps us activate our other-than-sight senses.

How to Practice

Explore the nature of the forest at night. Walk it on familiar paths, but notice the differences. It is the same forest, yet it is a very different forest than the forest of the daytime.

The birds are hushed, the movement is that of the night creatures, the raccoons and foxes. The squirrels still sleep in their nests. The air is different. Sound is heightened. The energies of the trees themselves is active, yet in a slower, more subdued way.

Now, as you walk through the forest, walk more slowly. Don’t let the night sounds chase you out. Become a part of it. Enjoy the different textures in the air, the different scents. Walk softly, casting out your awareness with every step.

This little exercise opens you to the freshness of all things, the changing nature of all things, the different expressions that the same place can have. The energies at night of all consciousnesses around you in a forest are easier to pick up, more easy to experience. Allow yourself this fresh experience. It will renew you.


Without a flashlight this can feel pretty spooky – especially if you are unsure of your surroundings. To change it up and do without the light, try an open field or park or a spot by a lake. But keep the flashlight in your pocket.