This is a short and simple meditation that can help you relax and can help change your perspective a bit.

How to Practice

Lay on your back on the floor or out in the back yard on the ground. Get comfortable.

Imagine your body is getting a little heavier, as gravity takes it and as you relax.

Keep relaxing and letting your weight sink downward into the ground. It can be hard to let go, but do your best. Notice the places where muscles are tight and see if you can let them ease. It's important to stay as comfortable as you can.

Feel the force of gravity gently pulling you downward.

Keep going and you may begin to feel like your body is melting into a puddle on the floor. The flesh is pooling and becoming more liquid than solid.

Now here comes the interesting bit: See if you can notice the change - notice how gravity-pulling-you-down becomes the-floor-buoying-you-up. It's not a big distinction but when you make it, it helps bring an awareness of the tension between the two forces at work.

Stay as long as you feel comfortable, noticing how your perspective shifts from one to the other.

To simply bring yourself back into your body every now and again through the day can be a powerful meditation. Usually we're in our head, in the future, in the past or somewhere else. Some of these mental travels can take quite a while to run their course. This little meditation brings back our scattered energies and gives us a fresh start.


You can swing your legs up a wall or a fence or just leave them flat. Feel the weight of body and lightness of legs. The body weight pools the flesh onto the floor while the lack of weight in the legs makes your feet feel like they're floating.