Healing the Earth

During the years that I ran a psychic development group, I was asked each week to offer a guided meditation for the group. If the energy wasn’t right to make one up on the spot, this one was the one I used. Everyone seemed to like it.

How to Practice

Sit comfortably in your chair. Feel relaxed and easy in yourself.

Imagine a powerful source of healing energy nearby – perhaps an angel or whatever power figure you believe might be a source of healing. Get a feel for its presence.

Imagine you are being filled with healing energy – as light or a hum or whatever works for you. This healing energy offers assistance to all those in need in whatever way is best. Let it be a prayer for their safety, well-being and happiness. Imagine it filling your body. Feel the change in your body as a result.

Let the healing energy expand to fill the room. Imagine it touching everyone in the room.

Let the healing energy expand to fill the building. You are now able to see from a higher vantage point as you look down at the building and see it fill the building, touching everyone and everything inside with healing energy.

Continue in this fashion, rising above your city or village, your district, country and continent.

Then imagine you are high above the earth looking down at it’s bright blue-green beauty. Bring all beings on the planet and in the atmosphere, seen and unseen into your prayer for healing and feel the change in the earth as a result of your good wishes.

Stay for a brief spell then slowly return through the clouds to your country, district, village, building and room. Bring your attention back to your feet on the floor and your bottom in the chair, the scents, sounds and temperature of the air around you.

When you are ready, bring your attention back into the room, feeling the healing energy presence fade and knowing that however small it may seem you have made a difference.


Doing this in a group can multiply the effects exponentially.