The Healing Pool

If you’re the type who likes to let go in a tub of hot water after a long day, this may be an easy meditation for you. Try taking it a step farther by doing this meditation while you’re in the tub.

How to Practice

Sit in a comfortable position. Take in a breath and let it out. Relax.

Start to imagine that you are approaching a warm pond or pool of water. Make the scene as elaborate or as simple as you wish. It can be a simple tub of healing water or a pond at the bottom of a waterfall in a forest glade. Whatever you like.

Get a feel for the peace and beauty of this place and get a sense of just how special the water is. The water has been infused with healing energy, vibrant yet soothing, warm yet energizing. There’s something magic about it.

Let yourself gently enter the pool and relax in the water, either sitting in it or floating in it. Relax deeply.

Begin to notice how this special healing water tingles a bit on your skin and then seems to warm you from inside. Imagine the feeling penetrating your skin and filling you up; every corner and cell being changed by this healing water. Feel any tension or pain or disease being soothed away, dissolved by the healing water. It feels marvelous.

Stay as long as you like, enjoying the peace and energy. And when you have had enough, leave the healing pool, knowing that you are carrying its goodness home with you.