This simple breathing meditation, when done for a few minutes, can generate feelings of delight and cheerfulness. It can be used any time during the day.

How to Practice

Sit or lay down comfortably. Relax your body as you would in any meditation. Breathe at your normal pace. On the inbreath, breathe in normally through your nose. On the outbreath, hum one long single tone. Not a song, keep it a single, easy tone. Keep the tone in mid-range, not stretching your voice to make it a high or low note. Just let the hum ride easily on your outbreath.

Keep this up for several minutes and notice how the vibrations of the sound transform to tingling sensations in your head and body. Enjoy it. It’s like a gift from you to you.


I had a really big sneeze yesterday and noticed how much the rush/goose-bump feeling that followed was like this meditation. I guess we all need a good body blast now and then to clear out the cobwebs and remember how good it feels to be human.