We so often feel disconnected from others, from divinity, from the world around us even though our true self is shared with all things, the oneness of life itself. The idea of oneness or interconnectedness can seem more like an abstract idea than truth, so this meditation is designed to give us each a bit of a taste of that oneness.

How to Practice

In this meditation to choose something or someone ‘other,’ something that seems distinctly separate from you. This can be a person, a politician for example or a friend, a tree or aspect of nature, a quality like ‘beauty,’ or condition like ‘confusion.’ I’ll give you some examples below.

Take whatever you have chosen, for example the politician, and reflect on the idea that some of his qualities are present in you. These may not be pleasant. He may be greedy or self-serving or dishonest. There may be only traces, but they are in you. Then turn this around and realize that some of your qualities are in him as well, your trust, optimism, kindness. Use this kind of situation when you feel dismayed by someone’s actions and you really do want to distance yourself from their behaviour. For some reason, when I see that some wonderful part of me also exists in him, I feel relieved. This one can work for a co-worker who lies or cheats, a friend who is unfaithful, whoever you want that bit of distance from.

In another instance, take someone you admire instead, like a spiritual leader, your grandpa, anyone who you feel some distance from because they seem elevated somehow, wiser or greater than you. Do the same meditation. Reflect on how a bit of them resides in you. Then reflect on how a bit of you resides in them. This can be interesting to do. It gives you a chance to see that even with you in them, they are people to be admired.

Now take it farther. Take it to anything you like. Here are more ideas that I have used:

We participate in a shared universe. Interconnectedness means we all share this world in every possible way. Not just me-over-here and them-over-there. All of us, all aspects of us, all beliefs, thoughts, experiences, are shared utterly with every other aspect of the universe. We can be all things and all at once.