The Healing Power of Kuan Yin

Ken Cohen offered this meditation in his “Qigong Meditations.” Kuan Yin in many cultures is the personification of the healing power of love and compassion. If you don’t feel a connection with Kuan Yin, use something that works for you – perhaps an Angel, a Saint, or any other symbol of love and compassion that you can hold in high regard.

How to Practice

Sit comfortably in a quiet place, eyes gently closed, your breath slow, deep and relaxed and let your mind settle into a gentle non focused awareness. Get a sense of spaciousness, of your own being. Feel the quiet and comfort of this space.

Now imagine yourself sitting on a mountaintop on a quiet summer evening. You gaze out over the ocean, into the darkness of the clear black evening sky. There arises from the rim of the ocean, the full moon. You see it rise until it seems to face you – directly across from you.

Watch as the full moon seems to begin to shrink, becoming smaller and smaller and brighter and brighter. The full moon becomes smaller and smaller, brighter and brighter, until it becomes a luminous pearl.

Watch the pearl begin to expand, gradually widening and opening until it is seen as a lunar orb, a circle of clear radiant light. In the centre of this light, the goddess of love and compassion appears dressed in white glistening robes. Just imagine you see this Being of compassion and love, the healing that comes through love.

Allow her to send that love towards you. Let yourself bathe in it. See her sending the healing love and light to those you know are in need, to your loved ones, to your family and to your great family on this earth. See her sending the healing love and light to all sentient beings.

Let the images dissolve and return to quiet awareness. Return to the feeling of space and quiet.


Kuan Yin is known by many names, and spelled in many different ways. Just do a web search or Wikipedia search to learn more. Ken’s CD “Qigong Meditations” was available from Sounds True, and may still be.