Lotus Flower Meditation

The lotus flower has been used as a symbol in the east for ages. Lotus flowers grow from the mud under water to the surface of the pond where they open their blossoms to the sun. Nourished by the very mud they raise themselves above, they open to the light. This meditation is a simple one that can be used any time, anywhere. In it we use the image of a lotus bud opening into full flower.

How to Practice

Imagine or visualize a bright, semi-transparent lotus bud right in your heart. Take your time. Watch the blossom unfold slowly, each petal opening, until it becomes a flower that encompasses your entire body. Rest in the light of it for a while, enjoying the image and the energy it evokes.


This simple meditation does a number of things and works on many levels. For a breather anytime during a busy day, it can refresh. As an analogy of your personal growth, it provides a reminder that anything is possible. Yet more than these, this simple lotus meditation can soften and open your heart.