Melting Tension Away

This visualization is based on a traditional Buddhist meditation called “Butter on the Head”.

How to Practice

Imagine you have a large lump of golden butter on the top of your head. See the butter glowing brightly. The warmth of your head and body starts to melt the butter and it runs downward.

Imagine it slowly melting, and as it does, it runs down your body, taking any stress with it as it goes and leaving a golden, sparkling glow of light behind.

See it flow over your face and ears and imagine the muscles relaxing.

Watch it run over your shoulders and neck and feel the tension flow with it.

Notice how as it runs down your arms and drips off the ends of your fingers, that the stress is taken with it.

Watch it flow along your back, releasing stress in your spine, along your belly, taking anxiety with it and down your legs, flowing out of you and into the ground.

See and feel your entire body, stress free and glowing with radiant health.


You don’t need to use butter here. Try a chunk of chocolate or maybe even a bowl of ice cream, but keep the image light-filled and vibrant so that you are left with a sense of ease and glowing health.