Building Qi

This simple meditation is best done in bare feet out in nature, in the morning.

How to Practice

Find a comfortable quiet spot and stand easily with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees unlocked. Put yourself into an agreeable mood as much as possible – perhaps by finding something around you that you are grateful for.

Imagine that there is a silver string running up from the top of your head up into the heavens.

At the same time, imagine that your feet are well connected to the earth in a joyful way.

Bring a bit of tension between your head and feet. This helps you to hold your centre.

Stay like this for a few minutes. As you do, you are gathering qi from the cosmos and from the earth – building qi to help you through your day.

Releasing Qi

Some people take time in the evening to release this qi so that they can start fresh the next day. Release the qi by doing gentle exercise or movements or walking in nature. Some find rocking in a rocking chair does the job perfectly.