Smoke Out - Light In

This is a classic meditation that can be used at any time when feeling troubled or distressed or it can be used as a simple general meditation to bring attention to the present moment.

How to Practice

Breathe out and as you do, imagine that any smoky or dark energies in you are leaving along with the breath – any distresses, negative emotions or thoughts, shames, mistakes or difficulties. Imagine them as a cloud of smoke that dissipates into the atmosphere as you breathe it out.

Then, when you breathe in, imagine that your lungs and body – your very cells are drawing in purity, light and positive, clear energy. Enjoy the feeling of this light. Imagine it filling every particle of your being.

As troubled thoughts bother you, notice them, see them change into black smoke and breathe them out again to be dissipated in the air.


Try not to get bogged down in this one. Too much attention on the bad stuff can detract from the fact that most of it is already gone. Focus more on the joy.