Song of Your Being

There is a hawthorn tree near one of the ponds where I live. This meditation is a variation of the one I heard when standing by this tree. You can use this meditation when you need to bring yourself back to your centre. It’s a quick on-the-spot meditation to do while waiting in lineups. It can also be used to become aware of your own energies, and as an expression of them. This is also useful when you are sensitive to the energies of others, when you find crowds stressful and when you need to filter the energies surrounding you. It’s a simple, sweet, calming meditation that connects you with the divine. It takes anything from 10 seconds to a few minutes.

How to Practice

Find a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feel any tension in your body drain out with your breath. Call your energies back that are scattered out in the universe.

Now, imagine that you can feel the source of your power deep within the inside of your body. Imagine it as a dot of light or as a sound like a hum, in the very centre of you. Through this place, your source self pours in – this joyful, loving, playful creative and divine energy pouring into you at a rate faster than you could ever need – an unlimited amount of energy from your own source available to you at all times.

This is your song.

Notice its qualities. If it is light, what does the light look like? Is it glowing or sparkling? Does it shimmer? Does it beam radiance? Does it hold any other colours than white? If it is a hum, what does this hum or sound seem to be like? Notice it carefully and imagine it as clearly as you can.

Feel or imagine it expanding slowly outwards in all directions. Notice it expand until this whole sphere of beautiful energy surrounds your entire body. It goes beyond your head and feet. Play gently with the size of this “song” around you, drawing in and moving out the dimensions of it to a place that is comfortable. It may be right up against your skin one time and the next time you may find you want to fill a room or a house. Also become aware of any body sensations that accompany this space – tingling, warmth, gentle pressure – and know that these body sensations can let you know when you are in this clear and open space.

Breathe deeply, in and out, being aware of this lovely energy surrounding you as you do. Realize as you do that anything that does not clearly reflect or resonate with this song of who you are disappears from your energy field. It filters out what does not belong to you and allows you to interact with life from your true self. Enjoy this image. This beauty and clarity and compassion and love is who you are.


It becomes easier to find this space the more you practice. After a few days of going into your song often, you may find that it takes only a second to find that space.

Watch how after practicing with your song for a few days or weeks you find it opens you to gratitude and helps to put you into contact with yourself and the divine.

Notice as well how you tend to react differently in crowds when you go into your song. You become less likely to pick up and mimic negative emotions. You can relax in busy places.