20 Second Meditation

Can you stop right now for 20 seconds? Take stock around you. Can you spare 20 seconds?

How to Practice

Take a breath and let it out. Relax a bit. Now think about something in your life that gives you a deep sense of inner pleasure. Something simple: a warm bath, the call of a bird, perhaps the silence of the early morning. You can draw from your own spiritual traditions here if you like. If you can't think of anything then just think of the word "joy".

Imagine that you are experiencing that right now. Not later on. Right now. Feel the energy of that delightful thing percolating through your energy field. Notice how it changes you, mellows you, slows you down a bit. This doesn't have to be a deep and profound change - just a bit of one.

Now imagine that you are connecting at an energy level with all the others (not just people) that are experiencing this same pleasure. We all touch upon each other in this sharing. And it grows into something big.

Hold it for a few seconds and enjoy the feeling.


That's all there is to it. This little thing is something we all can do to touch upon spirit whenever we want. All we have to do is stop, take a relaxing breath, touch our energies upon that one symbol of joy and pleasure for us and connect with all other energies that are doing the same.

If you just read through this without participating, here's another chance. Stop right now and take a breath to calm yourself and go through the short execise of celebration and connection.