Water Meditation

Water in nature can be healing, it can deter negative energy and it can soothe body energies that may have become unbalanced.

Different water types can be used in different ways. Running water can carry you to different places, or it can wash out impurities. Deep water can open you to calm and clarity. The ocean surf can provide energy and strength. Rain can nourish you.

Water soothes, it purifies, it nourishes. So choose one. Go to any nearby body of water, lake, river, ocean or stream, or stand out in the rain.

If you have chosen a lake, let yourself become caught by the depth, the stillness or by the gentle wash of waves on the shore. Hear the sounds, notice the scents in the air. Let its energy bring you to rest. See if you can get a sense of the gentle movement in the depths of the water. While the surface may be choppy, underneath things are more calm. Allow that calm to be a part of your energy. From within that calm place, clarity can rise.

If you have chosen a river or stream, allow yourself to flow right along with it. Let its energy carry your attention to distant places for information or for insight. Or, as an alternative, stand in the water if it is safe to do so. Allow the running water to cleanse your energies. You may imagine it flows between each of your cells, clearing out debris or problems and washing them away.

If you have chosen the sea, become involved in the surf, the energy, the motion of the waves, and the deeper energy of the tides. Feel it come into sync with your own deepest body rhythms. Allow its power to give you strength.

If you have chosen the rain, allow it to nourish you, to knock down the rough emotional edges, to soothe you.

Water nourishes us. It binds things together that have become scattered. It purifies. Contemplation of water can bring peace of mind, rest and insight.


In a pinch, water from the shower, a bath in the bathtub or even water from the garden hose can be enough to change your energy. Water is life.