Healing Our Auras (& Projecting Our True Selves)

A client asked,
"If you have any other suggestions on how I can get my Aura healed and to project my true inner self and not the fear and sadness I feel about my life. Please feel free to share."

The following is what I replied:


The best way I know to keep our energy as clear as we can is to meet the world with a sense of joy and gratitude for whatever comes our way and stay in the moment a much as we can. It sounds trite, but it really is it.

In my process each time I do any energy work, I stop to centre myself, I pay attention to the temperature of the air (without having any opinion about it), listen to the sounds (without needing to analyse or identify them) then notice something right in my area that I feel genuine gratitude for — it could be my soft tee shirt, that lovely tree beside me, the coffee that is waiting for me later on. Not big ticket stuff, but the stuff right there. It doesn’t have to be a serious long process, just a happy little moment of appreciation. Then I start to look at what the healing angels are doing. Some days it’s dead easy, other days it’s harder. But that’s what life is like.

So find a small happy process for yourself and tweak it as you go along. You know when something is wrong for you - you can feel your energy tighten. In the same way you can feel when you are working in harmony with life - you feel at ease.

Fear and sadness are normal parts of life. As long as we don’t make mountains out of them, like everything else, they come and go. Just like moments of joy come and go. If your life includes all these things, then you are a well-put-together human being just like the rest of us. And the Universe loves us all. We’re just learning how to love it back.