Clearing Energy in Your Environment

There are many many ways to clear and clean energy in an object or area. Here are some tips that can get you started:

One of the easiest and quickest ways to clear the energy from yourself or from objects such as clothing is to give them a good shake. Beating a rug on the clothesline, shaking a garment or bedding and tossing a mattress dispel energies that might be stuck to these objects and disburse them into the area. Shaking your own body is a simple way to get things moving that might be stagnant. Keep your limbs loose and your muscles relaxed while you shimmy and shake and you can feel your energies change.

Something that is unloved or unused hold energy that can be stuck or stagnant. Rid yourself of objects in your household that would be better loved or used by someone else. Do the same with old beliefs or thoughts that are stuck or unloving. Get them moving. Physically cleaning objects, rooms and yourself can easily loosen up stuck energies and clear them off. Water itself is nature’s way of clearing stuck energies. Think of it that way when you use it. Know that nature has provided you with the perfect tool to wash away stagnant energies in your home, in your area or even in your shower.

Letting Nature Assist
Other tools that Nature provides are right at hand. Open the windows and let the fresh air clear your or your environment out. If you are clearing your own energies, imagine that as you stand in the breeze, the air is moving between your cells to dust off and clear out any lingering dullness or stuckness. Invite the energy of the nearest tree into your home. Natural obects such as pine cones, stones and fresh flowers all dispel stuck energies and replace them with their unique properties and qualities.

Ring a bell or clap your hands. Have you ever noticed how, after a wonderful performance in a show or theatre that there is often a long pause before we start to clap? We all somehow want to savour that fine energy of the performance before dispelling it with applause. Singing or toning can clear a room, as can certain types of music.

Flower essences are Angels in disguise. The energies of Angels can be called upon any time to banish and clear any energies that linger too long. Holy Water is a form of essence — a blessed vehicle that carries the light and clarity and truth of the highest order. Essences or Holy Water can be spritzed through a room with a mister, can be sprinkled where appropriate, can be added to bathwater, drinking water or cooking liquids. Use your imagination.

Ritual Tools
Sage is an old standard for clearing energies. Lighting a candle or incense can clear the energies in a space or in ourselves when done with awareness. Some thoughtforms and entities can be cleared by sprinkling nutmeg over a candle flame. Heavier or more troublesome uninvited guests can be released with the use of special rituals such as prayer that invoke Angels and other High Energies.

Running Water
This is a tool that is often overlooked. Many dark energies can not pass over running water. I felt this for myself one day when at a meeting. The energy in the meeting was so dark and oppressive that I finally left. The second I stepped on the sidewalk from the front yard of the home where the meeting was held, the darkness lifted. It just vanished. Poof. At the time, I thought it was just the distance from the meeting that did it. So I stepped back into the yard with one foot, and the oppressive energy was right there – almost as though it was lying in wait for some unwary person to come near. After researching a bit more and discovering that running water is often a strong deterrent, I went back to the building. Sure enough the water main for the street ran right under the sidewalk in the exact spot where I noticed the darkness lift.

Making It Work Well
Enjoy the process. The actual process of clearing energy, whether it is your own or that of an object or environment, when done with gratitude and pleasure is a process that works far better than one taken out of fear or worry. Feel the changes taking place as you do this. Be curious about what you may or may not notice. When you are done, fill these clean spaces with whatever energies you feel are right for you. Colours, objects, pictures, natural objects, music and laughter that all reflect who you are and what you love the most are the energies you want to use to charge the environment in you and around you.