Clearing Personal Energy

This material was originally in my booklet “Being Empathic – Managing Life For Those Who Are ‘Too Sensitive’” which is now out of print.

Take a Shower or Bath
During this bath take the time to imagine that all the stuff you do not need is being washed from your energy. Imagine that the water is running not just over your skin, but between your cells and through your nervous system to reach every inner bit of your body. Make the imagery as elaborate or whimsical as you want.

Take a Shower of Light or Rainbow Shower
There are a number of different techniques you can use here. You could imagine that you are standing in a shower like one in your bathroom, only the water is light and not water. It could be white light or could be a rainbow of colours. It can sparkle, glow or alternate colours. As above, let your imagination carry it into your body as well as on the surface and notice the change.

Stand in the Wind
This is a favourite. Stand outdoors in a strong breeze or wind. Don’t hunch against the wind or fight it at all. Stand directly in it. Spread out your arms. Invite it to play. Imagine that the wind is blowing air not just over you, but through you, between your cells. Feel the change that this makes in your body. For me, it often feels as though my insides are a bit cooler than they were. Sometimes when I do this, I feel the wind is playing along with me, suddenly gusting, and suddenly quiet. It’s a quick and simple clearing process.

Comb Your Aura
This is best done by someone else. When you are combing someone else’s aura, imagine that your fingers are teeth of a comb, the teeth extending several inches beyond the tips of your fingers. Then systematically draw these “teeth” top to bottom through your friend’s aura. The extensions of your fingers pass right through his or her body. It can take four to five passes around your friend’s body to get them fully.

Qi Washing
Sit as you would in meditation. Raise your arms laterally up your sides, palms facing down and allow them to float up until they are circled over your head. Feel the energy (listen with the palms) between the palms and the crown of your head. When you can feel this, allow your hands to drift down in front of body, palms facing down and visualize or feel the pure chi from the highest places cleanse and heal your body, working down through your head and neck, and on downwards until out of your feet. Then allow your hands to go back to your sides. You can repeat this two more times and then when you are finished, rest for a few moment before moving into your next activity.

Shake yourself , your hair, your clothes. As you do this, you can imagine little things falling off and skittering away. If you want to add a bit of humour, you could even laughingly stomp on them as they skitter off.

Move Around
Get moving. Spin. Move the way you did when you were a kid. Let your arms relax fully and twist your torso back and forth, letting your relaxed arms lightly slap your shoulders.

Open the Windows
Letting in some fresh air can give you something different to breathe. Look outside for a different perspective.

Chuckle quietly to yourself or laugh aloud. We all know how much it changes the energy when we laugh out loud.

Practice Toning, Humming or Singing
Humming, we have learned can change the dynamic in energy. Singing or toning can be done in specific ways to assist you to clear your energy.

Walk Away
This is one of the simplest things to do to clear energy when it is not sticking too closely to you. If it’s not too stuck, the feeling may vanish all by itself when you are about twenty feet away or less. If the energy is really sticky, try walking over running water, like a hose running, a water main on the sidewalk or a river.

Snip !
Use this simple exercise when you feel too strongly attached to a person or situation. Or when you want to snip away unwanted thoughts. See more here.

Energy Flush
This one is just what it sounds like. When you have taken on stuff that doesn’t belong to you and you want rid of it in a hurry, raise your arm to shoulder height and pull a lever, as though you were flushing a toilet. Whoosh! Feel the stuff rush out of you and into the earth the way that the water rushes down the drain. That’s all there is to it. You are left feeling fresh and clean and ready for whatever comes next.

Touch the ground with your hand and imagine a line going from you to the centre of the earth. Alternately, you can dip your hands in cold water. Better still, stand in water. See a meditation here.