Handling Energy (at a Toxic Workplace)

A client told me her working environment was toxic and it was affecting her sleep.

The following is what I replied:


There are a few things I'd try:

Bedtime prayer. Just a simple wish to awaken feeling cheerful and have tomorrow go smoothly and then go to sleep without thoughts of it on your mind. To keep myself from thinking more about it after the prayer, I distract myself by focusing my attention on a physical place in my body, like between my shoulder blades where there's not much sensation at all. Then, boom, I'm asleep.

If you've been worrying about it a lot, that can make it worse. So you might want to have a phrase or something you can come back to every time your thoughts sidetrack you, like "What was I doing?" and then go back to it. That makes the unhelpful thinking an interlude that passes rather than a steady stream of trouble.

It's also helpful to wish the worst offenders (meanest and bitchiest) well. Really. If they're happy, they won't be so mean. Find something you can genuinely admire about each of them and let that take centre stage in your thoughts of them. Compliment them, even. "Nice hair".

Hope that'll give you an idea or two.