Maintaining Energy Levels

Someone asked me,
"Would sure love to learn more from you on the energy levels while channelling."
He was referring to running healing energy.

The following is what I replied:


The energy you channel is the very stuff out of which we are made - goodness, love - so the more at rest you can be while in the channeling space, the better. This is closest to the joy-goodness-divinity that we are. While it is necessary to make the effort to put yourself into the channeling space and maintain a focus, that is all the effort required. If it feels like an effort, you are trying to do something that isn't a part of the process.

Anything added to the divine energy we run is based in ego, adding an unnecessary layer to the work.

Ego can be:
  • A desire to make the healing as wonderful as possible. Although the desire is there at the start, it doesn't have to be actively maintained. We have to surrender to the higher energy we are running. Trust that we are enough.
  • The belief that we are the (separate) one who is doing this - my healing separate from the healee, separate from the divinity I channel. We can't actually make the connection unless our energy fields overlap. There is no separation. We are simply the intersection point.
  • A feeling that we are somehow elevated above the person who asks for help. It's a easy mistake to make, since we have skill he or she may lack at this time. There can not be any sense of inferiority or superiority. Love runs on a level playing field.
  • The feeling that we are somehow responsible for the outcome. There are a thousand thousand causes and conditions, most of which are out of our control that have brought about these exact circumstances and difficulties. Energy drains are often about the demands of the healee and the feeling of responsibility of the healer. Our job is to give what we have and nothing more. It's more than enough.

Since the energy you run is goodness/love, ask that some of that goodness continue to be available to you for the rest of the day. Without the added layer of expectation, desire, agenda or ego, it becomes as easy and smiling at a friend. Then your energy stays up, but you may well sleep like a little kid at bedtime.

The energy around you when you sit to do this can deplete you. A need to make a run to the bathroom, a flickering lightbulb your body is trying to warn you about, a pressing problem that you must attend right afterwards. Unless we satisfy these energy leaks before we start, they will become an unnecessary burden. Sometimes the energy of the location where you sit is really troubled. In that case, make the first part of the session a request that the higher energy clear a space there not just for you to continue, but to continue after you have left the room.

This is another trick I used to use:

Gray Pebble Story

I have a stone. A small grey pebble. It's smooth and tiny and I love the feel of it's smooth surface in my hand. I found this pebble at Wasaga Beach on a fine day. The sun was shining with the heat and energy of high summer. The fresh water from this huge lake rolled in, in waves that splashed in high refreshing particles. The energy was high, cheerful and refreshing that day as the pebble called to me and asked me to bring it home. When I picked up the pebble, I closed my eyes and relished the feeling of high, refreshing energy. Then I put the pebble in my pocket and brought it home. Any time I want, I can hold that small grey pebble and feel my energy levels resonating with the high energy of the sun and water and wind that day at the beach. Each time I use the pebble and connect I am renewing my commitment.

For me, if I do a lot of highly focused work, I try to keep ego out of it, I give over responsibility for the causes and the outcome up to the Divine, and just do my best. I move on afterwards and try to carry none of it with me. The next sitting will be fresh and new.