Here are the rules for getting what you want:

• Make very sure of the qualities you want and cut them back to their essence. If you want a car say a car. But if you want a white car, say a white car. If you want a new man, but think you really don’t mind if it’s a man at all but just want to feel appreciated and loved, then say that you want to feel appreciated and loved. Make a list of these qualities and refine it over days or weeks.

• Feel your desire for this deeply but at the same time joyfully, as though you were a little kid playing a game.

• Ask your Angels (or if you prefer, ask your “subconscious” or "higher self") to take care of the details and give it over to them to take care of for you. This can be the hardest part because we like to worry about it and think about it often – yet, it is important. What we dwell on tends to be what we get, so if we are always thinking “I want to have this” we will continue to create the “want” of it and not the object we desire. So it is best to forget all about it and get on with our lives as though we will not get it. This is not about not “desiring” something any more, just not “actively desiring” it – thinking about it. As soon as we let it go, our energies open to allow what we want to come to us.

• Pay attention in the time to come, to odd or unusual impulses. Follow them if possible. They are your Angels nudging you.

This is a true story about how I got a car that I needed. I asked for a VW diesel, used, but in excellent shape, one that would last me many years, costing me no more than I had in a certain bank account and, to make it even more specific, I wanted it in 4 weeks. It took 6 weeks and my Angels had to break my husband’s car, but the repairs on his car brought me into the place where mine was waiting for me. An impulse to speak to the salesman came up and I followed the impulse. Sure enough – I got exactly what I asked for. Even more, between the cost of it and the repairs to my husband’s car, it cost me all but $100 in the bank account I had specified.

It works.