Praying for Parking Spots

Here’s the method I use:

With a bit of distance between me and the destination, I picture the parking spot I want.

I ask the Divine for this spot joyfully, easily, yet confidently. Even if I have never seen the place before, I can imagine a parking space near or in front of the destination. If I don’t want to parallel park, I ask for a spot that is accessible easily and I often picture a spot at the beginning or end of a row of spaces.

I treat the whole exercise as an experiment, curious to see how it’ll work today.

Then I drive there, assuming that everything in the traffic between my position and the destination is there for a good reason. I don’t rush through yellow lights or get impatient with slow trucks. There’s a reason for this. I rushed through a yellow light once and arrived at my destination just as a man was walking towards his car – which was sitting in the spot I wanted. If I had waited, the spot would have been right there for me.

I don’t dwell on it as I drive there. I just put the prayer out there and drive easily, letting my thoughts move to other matters. When I get the spot I want, or close to the one I want, I say a silent thank you.

That’s it.